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Human Trafficking Heroes: John Vanek

In one of my recent blog posts, Nevada & Prostitution: Have we legalized human trafficking?

I used some information from one of my personal human trafficking heroes, John Vanek.

I met John Vanek shortly before he published his book The Essential Abolitionist: What you need to know about human trafficking & modern slavery. This book is an amazing read, and I suggest it to anyone who is interested in learning more about human trafficking. The book has a ton of easy to read information, and it really motivated me to learn more about human trafficking.

Vanek not only wrote a book, he has contributed to human trafficking efforts in many other forums. Vanek has assisted multiple groups in understanding and combating human trafficking. He has consulted with law enforcement agencies, community based organizations, and federal and state agencies. He assists and consults with these groups on how to handle and combat trafficking in their individual circumstances, as well as generally for everyone.

Vanek also gives presentations and speeches on the topic. These presentations help the public better understand the challenges involved in the response to modern slavery, as well as provide education and shining a light on an issue many people don’t know about.

Watch Vanek’s TedX Talk Here

What’s next for Vanek?

While still educating and informing people on the issues related to human trafficking, Vanek just launched his Youtube channel with the subject of leadership. His first few videos are very helpful in understanding how to be an effective leader, and how approaching situations like COVID-19 calmly, is important for leaders to be successful.

Subscribe to John Vanek’s Youtube Channel here

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