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International Travel: Protect Yourself from Human Trafficking

Unfortunately right now, most overseas experiences have been cancelled or postponed. But, after the COVID-19 isolation is over, there will presumably be lots of international travel. Whether it be recreational travel or studying abroad, there are many factors that will help keep your risk low for human trafficking. Here are the top 3 ways to stay safe when traveling internationally.

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1. Know the facts

Understanding the risk of human trafficking in general is super beneficial. Knowing what to look for and the warning signs of a human trafficking victim or trafficker can help save you, and others, lives. Read my previous blog post about warning signs. In addition to knowing the general signs of human trafficking, doing a simple Google search of human trafficking in the area you are going to can also give you valuable information.

2. Download a safety app like BSafe or Circle of 6

These two safety apps are downloadable to most mobile devices. They offer features such as GPS tracking and check in options. You can select up to 6 people who can see your location at any given time, even internationally. There are features that will alert your chosen 6 of your whereabouts if you haven’t participated in a check in, as well as a button you can press that will record audio and video, and send it as well as your location to your chosen 6 and local authorities.

3. Register with The US Embassy

The option to register your travel plans with the local embassy is often overlooked. Having a team in the location you are traveling that knows your intended plan can be very helpful if something is to happen. Memorizing the address, phone number, and names of the US Embassy in your area is crucial. Having access to this information in a scenario where you may not have any belongings can save your life.

These three items, along with common sense and being aware of your surroundings can increase your chances of safety from human trafficking while traveling abroad.

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