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Using Technology to Combat Human Trafficking: 2 valuable resources

Human trafficking is becoming prioritized higher and higher on people’s lists of concerns. It is the third largest organized crime industry in the world, and people are becoming increasingly concerned with the threat. But while there is much to fear, some organizations and groups are stepping up to help be part of the solution. Here are three resources or groups to check out!


“Traffickers regularly post photographs of their victims posed in hotel rooms for online advertisements. These photographs are evidence that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. In order to use these photos, however, investigators must be able to determine where the photos were taken.”

TraffickCam offered a innovative solution to make these photos help combat sex trafficking. This awesome website is a place where anyone can upload pictures of their hotel rooms when they travel, so law enforcement can match the images to these locations.


“Global, targeted social media campaigns providing information and signposting individuals to local help and support”

This organization is dedicated to educating and teaching people about the risks of human trafficking. Stop The Traffik uses the same technology traffickers use to stop them. They also developed an app called The STOP APP, where users can report an incident and help be part of the solution.

Download the STOP APP today so you are always prepared should you ever need to report an incident!

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